Janneke Vollebergh-Barbiers

Janneke Vollebergh-Barbiers is Senior Advisor Sustainable Employability and team-development at the Dutch Police, HR- Team of organizational- and team-development.

Janneke was born in 1957, works for 44 years now and intends to go on making a difference long after the day of retirement. She is married, has 3 sons and 2 bonus-sons, loves to sail, sing and is passionate about and skilled in transformational learning.

She has a background in HRM, leadership and education in Healthcare/Operating-theatre, Higher Education and the Police. Her passion and focus is to empower and connect people/professions in action to get the results they want.

Her 5 Clifton Strengths are: Achiever, Strategic, Activator, Learner, Connectedness.

Janneke graduated in MBA at St. Louis University USA, and a 1st degree of Higher Education at the VU of Amsterdam.

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